Comprehensive Plan

The Linn County Comprehensive Plan 2013: A Smarter Course integrates the Iowa Smart Planning Principles with contemporary planning practices, placing particular emphasis on livability, sustainability and resiliency. The 2013 plan builds on the proven success of the previous 2000 Rural Land Use Plan (RLUP). While the 2000 RLUP was extremely effective in guiding the location, type, amount and timing of new development, the new plan incorporates numerous strategies to guide the character of new development. The 2013 Comprehensive Plan is meant to help guide the physical, social and economic development in Linn County for 10 to 20 years.

The 2013 plan focuses on seven elements that are specific to Linn County residents’ needs:

  1. Alternative and Renewable Energy
  2. Economic Development and Employment Opportunities
  3. Hazard Planning
  4. Livable Communities
  5. Resource Protection
  6. Sustainable Development
  7. Transportation

Each element integrates intergovernmental cooperation and regional approaches to problem solving through key partnerships to carry out its goals.

The 2013 plan contains two volumes. Volume 1 contains the seven plan elements, implementation strategies, and the Future Land Use Map. Volume 2 contains background data on Linn County, the public participation process that was used to help shape the plan, and information on the Iowa Smart Planning Principles.