Fringe Area & Village Plans

Fringe Area Plans

Fringe Area Plans are intended to allow for coordinated land use planning between Linn County and incorporated cities within the county, specifically for the areas within two miles of city boundaries. This collaborative planning process directs new development toward mutually agreed-upon locations, promotes the orderly development of land and reduces public infrastructure costs. In addition, these plans are meant to encourage the retention of agricultural land and the protection of critical natural resources. Each plan offers a framework to guide the growth and development of the fringe areas over 20 years, with periodic reviews occurring as needed.

Village Plans

Linn County has several rural villages that once served as small, but vital, community centers including:

  • Covington
  • Lafayette
  • Toddville
  • Troy Mills
  • Viola
  • Waubeek
  • Western
  • Whittier

While some of the county's historical communities are little more than place names, these rural villages each have an opportunity to become vital places that serve many of the social, economic and cultural needs of Linn County's rural residents.

To accomplish this, the County will need to help each of these communities develop a clear vision of its desired character and facilitate private investments in support of that vision. Linn County shall support each village's efforts to establish additional planning initiatives that establish shared visions of their future; identify needed public facilities and services; develop consensus for land uses and village character; and identify meaningful incentives to foster private investment to create vibrant, walkable, mixed-use villages. Additionally, the County will support efforts to seek grants and other sources of funding for the redevelopment and revitalization of its rural villages.