Patrol Division

What We Do

Patrol is the most visible of the divisions. It provides primary uniformed law enforcement protection for the unincorporated areas of Linn County. In addition, the Patrol Division provides contractual law enforcement services for 12 towns in Linn County (Alburnett, Bertram, Center Point, Central City, Coggon, Ely, Fairfax, Palo, Prairieburg, Springville, Walford, and Walker). The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the major thoroughfares in Linn County and over 1,200 miles of secondary roadway that traverse through the unincorporated areas of Linn County.

As a large Sheriff's Office in an urban area, we have several specialty units that assist us in performing our law enforcement duties. These specialty units are mostly extra duties performed by our deputies, as opposed to full-time responsibilities. Our specialty units include:

Linn County Sheriff's Office Patrol SUV