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Ordinance Allows ATV Use on Certain Linn County Roads

Two all-terrain vehicles outside

The Linn County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance allowing the use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road vehicles on certain county roads in unincorporated Linn County. The ordinance took effect Friday, June 5, 2020.

View an interactive map of restricted roads in unincorporated Linn County.

View a map of restricted roadways (PDF).

Iowa ATV/UTV Bill HF2130 ATV/UTV updated ordinance goes into effect on July 1, 2022 updating and overriding existing County ordinances. 

These are the condensed changes of the 2022 State of Iowa ATV/UTV Bill HF2130.

  1. Boats
  2. Off-Road Vehicles

Boat Registrations

View or download the Boat Registration Application (PDF), to be used for new boats, renewals, transfers, and duplications of registration, titles, and liens.

To view current Boat Regulation, visit the DNR website.

TypeLengthFirst YearSecond YearThird Year
No Motor - No SailN/A$17.65$13.65$9.65
Motor SailLess than 16 feet$28.15$20.65$13.15
Motor SailBetween 16 and 26 feet$41.65$29.65$17.65
Motor SailBetween 26 and 40 feet$80.65$55.65$30.65
Motor SailMore than 40 feet$155.65$105.65$55.65
All Personal WatercraftN/A$50.65$35.65$20.65
Documented VesselsN/A$30.65$22.25$13.95

Please note: Second- and third-year columns are only for new boats. For renewal fees, use the first-year column. If the registration is already expired, there is a $5 penalty added to the renewal fee.

Vessel / Boat Transfers & Fees

To sell or purchase a vessel / boat requires:

  1. A Bill of Sale signed by the dealer, seller/ owner(s) with the date, sale price including the motor, vehicle, trailer, trade-in amount (if applicable), and sales tax paid (if applicable). The trailer shall be itemized separately from the boat and shall be registered with the Linn County Treasurer's Office.
  2. Registration signed on the backside by the owner(s) and the buyer’s information
  3. Title (if boat is 17 feet or greater; or there is a Title # on the Registration) signed on the backside by the owner(s) and the buyer’s information and lien information if the buyer is financing the vessel
    • Buyer will need to provide the Lienholder information if financing
  4. If the vehicle is previously owned and/ or registered, but you have no documentation, bill of sale and you cannot locate the owner, Iowa law requires the buyer to go through a bonding process with the DNR prior to registering the vehicle at the County Recorder’s Office. The bonding form and information can be found on the Iowa DNR’s website on the Bonding page.   
  5. If your boat is previously owned and has never been registered, you can register the vessel with a bill of sale and an affidavit for unregistered or untitled all-terrain vehicles, off road motorcycles, off road utility vehicles, snowmobiles or vessels.. The form can be found at Affidavit of unregistered vehicles and vessels (PDF). The affidavit must be signed by a conservation officer or peace officer after inspection of the vessel.
  • Duplicate Registrations and Titles can be purchased by the seller at the Linn County Recorder’s Office or by telephone.  Duplicate Registration cost is $4:50. Duplicate Title cost is $13.50. A duplicate title will require a completed application and the owner’s signature.
  • If the registration is current, the transfer fee cost is $4.50, plus tax.
  • If the registration is expired, the cost is $4.50 for the transfer, $5.00 penalty fee for an expired registration, and the renewal cost (varies based on the boat length), plus tax. Title and / or lien fee of $13.50 if applicable.
  • If the boat was not purchased in Iowa, you will pay the fee for a new boat registration, 6% sales tax (or the difference, if paid out of state), plus title and/or lien fee if applicable.
  • If the boat was purchased in Iowa, you will pay sales tax based on the sales tax rate on the municipality where the purchase / sale occurred.

Fee Schedule

  • Registration and renewal fees – Depends on the length of the boat- see chart
  • Duplicate registration fees - $4.50
  • Titles - $13.50
  • Liens - $13.50
  • Penalty fees- $5.00