Annual maintenance projects may change depending on budget, need, material availability, and weather. The maintenance projects will typically consist of minor work to provide adequate drainage, restoring county right-of-way to standards and placing surface rock (typically 1"-2").

Owners are responsible for the entrance from their property to the county road. We will work with owners, along project roads, to use existing drives or to improve drives to fit current needs. The owner pays for any needed culvert, and the county places culvert and any required fill. This is an opportunity to relocate and widen drives for modern farm equipment. Rock needed for the drive is the owner’s responsibility as well, but it may be purchased through Linn County during the project for $15.00 per ton (minimum 10 tons). We will work with owners to blend the project to their land through encroachment agreements, the temporary use of a portion of their property. We will not pay for fencing that needs to be removed and replaced during the encroachment process. We will stay on county right-of-way if the owner does not want to participate in the improvement of the road.

Linn Delaware Road