A community-based program designed to provide in-home life skill services to assist youth in achieving positive self-improvement, accountability and judgment that will enhance community safety.

Program Description 

Referrals to the Solo program are made by Juvenile Court. A Solo staff will have a maximum of five clients in the program at any given time. These youth should have been identified by Juvenile Court Services as being high risk to re-offend. Solo provides services to Johnson, Iowa, Benton and Tama Counties. Solo staff will utilize cognitive restructuring or re-framing in the one-to-one sessions with clients. Cognitive restructuring teaches clients to stop trusting in their automatic tendencies to accept the contents of their thoughts as being an accurate assessment of reality. Instead clients will learn to test their thoughts for accuracy. They will learn to identify and correct negative thinking.

Solo is designed to reduce delinquent youth who are at high risk to re-offend or are at risk of being placed in residential treatment facilities by utilizing cognitive restructuring approaches.