Environmental Quality

The Environmental Quality Branch serves an essential role in protecting the health and well-being of Linn County residents and visitors. Environmental Quality is responsible for ensuring the private water, food, and public facilities are safe and do not pose harm to the public.

Key Services Performed

Food Safety

  • Inspects restaurants, grocery stores, mobile food units, schools, other places serving food to the public
  • Inspect seasonal and temporary events such Farmer's Markets, county fairs and other special events
  • Inspection reports are to be posted in view of the public. To view inspection reports online go to DIA food inspections

 Septic and Wells

  • Regulate the design, construction, and installation of on-site wastewater systems (septic systems) and nonpublic water wells
  • Monitor time of transfer inspections of septic systems (Iowa Department of Natural Resources Time of Transfer Program)
  • Offers grant funding support to homeowners for plugging or rehabilitation of private water well
  • Final drawings and completion reports for permits issued since 2011 are being made available online. This information uses Linn County's GIS services and aerial photography. Information is still being migrated to the online system and not all completion reports may yet be available. Please contact Linn County Public Health at 319-892-6000 if you are unable to find the information you need.

Pool and Spa Safety

  • Inspects public pools and spas (hot tubs)
  • All pool and spa inspections are made available to the public. To view inspection reports online go to Pool and Spa Inspections

Other Inspections and Services

  • Inspections tattoo facilities (Iowa Department of Public Health Tattoo Program)
  • Inspects facilities with tanning beds
  • Coordinates with Linn County Planning and Development department in platting and enforces minimum housing inspections
  • Enforces nuisance complaints outside of city limits