On-site Wastewater (Septic) Systems

Linn County Public Health's On-site Wastewater Program protects the health of the public by preventing the contamination of groundwater supplies. Individuals who are not served by public sewage, receive sewage treatment from a private sewage disposal system (septic system). All public sewer systems are controlled and regulated at the state level by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. However, Linn County Public Health is responsible for ensuring that private sewage disposal systems in Linn County are in compliance with state regulations as to minimize the potential for contamination of public and private water supplies.

Flushing ToiletPrivate Sewage Disposal System Permit and Enforcement Program

Linn County Public Health, provides code enforcement consultation services for the design, construction and maintenance of private sewage disposal systems (PSDS) for private residences and commercial operations.


  • Regulate the design, construction and installation of all PSDS installed
  • Review all soil analysis and ensure proper sizing of PSDS.
  • Conduct inspections prior to and after installation of PSDS.
  • Provide consultations to residents of Linn County.
  • Sample PSDS with open discharges (regulation of the DNR).
  • Provides assistance with complaints relating to sewage treatment and disposal systems.
  • Reviews proposed subdivision plans and provides direction concerning PSDS and water supply.