Tanning & Tattoo safety 


All tanning facilities located within the state of Iowa are required to have a valid permit from Iowa Department of Health and Human Services.  

Tanning facilities within Linn County and Jones County are inspected annually by a Linn County Public Health Inspector. Inspections of tanning facilities help ensure that the tanning equipment is in compliance with Iowa and federal law. In addition, the inspections seek to ensure that the facility and products are in sanitary condition, appropriate records are being maintained and that staff is knowledgeable about the proper use of equipment.  

Owners and/or managers of facilities with tanning equipment are required to review a “Training Program for Operators” and take an Owner/Manager Test. They are also responsible for ensuring that all of their Employees and/or Operators of tanning equipment review the same “Training Program for Operators” and pass an Employee/Operator Test

A list of permitted tanning facilities can be found on the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services Tanning Program website.


Minimum Requirements for Tanning Facilities

Training & Tests

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