Road Embargo

Severe winter conditions may result in damage to county roads during thawing. Cold weather with deep frost does not combine for road stability and proper drainage. State law provides counties with the ability to limit vehicle weights for up to 90 days per year. Linn County uses this embargo ability to limit gross vehicle weight to 5 tons on rock roads and 10 tons on hard surfaced roads. The embargo is intended to reduce damage and make roads more useful. For those needing to haul in poor road conditions, Linn County has an Embargo Permit process with the hauler responsible for damage done.

View a map of embargoed roads. For more information on the weight limit of an embargo, click on the "i" symbol.

If you are needing to haul on an embargoed road, you can apply for an Embargo Permit (PDF). The permit fee is $50.00 and is good for 8 weeks. The permit requires the hauler to provide proof of insurance. Details of requirements are listed on the back of the permit.