Linn County Water and Land Legacy

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In November of 2016, residents passed the Linn County Water and Land Legacy bond issue by nearly 74% approval.

The Water and Land Legacy bond helps protect natural areas and improve water quality by:

  • Targeted wetland, easements and buffer areas to protect sources of clean drinking water. This includes the Cedar and Wapsipinicon Rivers, its tributaries, and other rivers and streams.
  • Preserving natural areas for wildlife habitat
  • Maintaining land to provide natural floodwater storage to help reduce flooding

Park Improvements:

  • Construct and update picnic areas, park shelters, restrooms, modern playgrounds and nature play areas, and other park improvements
  • Expand family campgrounds, including campsites, rental cabins, shower house facilities and play areas
  • Increase outdoor recreational experiences for walking, hiking, and biking, as well as equestrian use and cross country skiing

Linn County’s Water and Land Legacy Bond will create and improve trails by:

  • Constructing Morgan Creek County Park’s trail network and creating a paved trail that links the park to the Cedar Rapids Trail system
  • Connecting the Marion trail system through Wanatee Park, continuing onto the Sac and Fox Trail in Cedar Rapids
  • Continuing Grant Wood Trail connections
  • Hard surfacing unpaved segments of the Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Accountability Measures:

  • Projects are managed by the Linn County Conservation Board
  • Improvements to existing parks, recreational facilities and natural areas are guided by approved master plans that has included community input
  • Disclosure of expenditures
  • When approved by voters, bond was expected to cost the average homeowner less than $2.25 per month

The Linn County Board of Supervisors sells bonds upon request of the Linn County Conservation Board to fund specific Linn County Water and Land Legacy (LCWLL) Bond Projects. 

The public is invited to attend the regular Linn County Conservation Board meetings where potential bond projects are discussed, and provide input during public comment periods.  If you have any questions, please  email Conservation

Public Review Board:

After Linn County voters approved the bond measure, the Linn County Board of Supervisors created the Water and Land Legacy Public Review Board to review projects the Linn County Conservation Board develops to be funded in part by bond dollars. This Board, independent of the Linn County Conservation Board, reviews bond funded projects to ensure they meet ballot language.