Drug Drop Box

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office (located at 310 2nd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids) has a Drug Drop Box in place that allows access for members of the public wanting to discard expired, unused, or unwanted prescription drugs and medications for safe disposal. The mailbox-sized drop box is permanently mounted in the Sheriff’s Office visitor’s parking lot off of the 2nd Avenue entrance, near the handicap access ramp.

Residents may access the drop box 24/7/365 and may do so anonymously. Any and all types of unwanted medications and drugs, including illegal drugs, may be placed in the container. However, for the safety of all involved, please do not put needles or sharps in the box. The drop box is emptied daily.

Drug Drop Boxes are provided by law enforcement agencies to allow residents a safe and convenient way to dispose of expired, unused, or unwanted prescription drugs and medications. This helps to prevent drug abuse and unintentional overdose deaths and helps keep discarded drugs from contaminating landfills and the water supply.

Linn County Sheriff's Office Drug Drop Box