Together! Healthy Linn

About Together! Healthy Linn

Together! Healthy Linn is a local collaborative effort that informs the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for Linn County, Iowa. Together! Healthy Linn uses the MAPP framework to guide this process.

Together! Healthy Linn Vision

"The local public health system is collaborative, engaged in the community, responsive to community needs, easy to navigate, focused on prevention, and creates access for all. The system is designed for a culture of health, and promotes an active, safe, empowered, resilient, and connected community that embraces diversity and equity."

Community Health Improvement Plan

The top health issues of the 2022-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan include Mental Health, Food Security, Equitable Opportunities for Physical Activity, and Prevention of Gun Violence.

To view the progress that was made in the 2019-2021 Linn County Community Health Improvement Plan, visit the Together! Healthy Linn dashboard.  

Together! Healthy Linn Steering Committee Members

The steering committee is comprised of individuals that represent sectors of the community. The role of the steering committee is to: 

  • Guide and oversee the CHA-CHIP process
  • Engage community partners and members
  • Champion CHIP efforts
  • Identify resources to complete CHA-CHIP activities

Many different organizations are involved in Together! Healthy Linn. If you would like to get involved or want more information, please email [email protected] or call 319.892.6000.