Pool InspectionPublic swimming pools and spas (hot tubs) refer to pools and hot tubs located within apartment complexes, condominiums, clubs, businesses or government agencies for non-medical purposes. Pools and spas available for public use are subject to a number of safety and monitoring requirements. Pool owners are required to maintain a log of free chlorine (or other approved disinfectant) levels and pH on a daily basis. Adherence of pool chemistry to state and mandated requirements are essential to protect the public against water-borne illnesses and adverse chemical reactions. A properly maintained pool or spa filters out pollutants and disinfects the water from bacteria and viruses.

Services at Linn County Public Health

  • Regulates the operation and maintenance of all public swimming pools, spas. and related facilities
  • Conducts annual comprehensive inspections, which can be found online at Pool and Spa Inspections
  • Investigates complaints from the public

Contact Information

Phone: 319-892-6000