Poll Watchers on Election Day

Watching the polls on Election Day

A poll watcher is a person who has official permission to be at the polling place on election day to watch the election process and to challenge voters that he/she believes are not eligible to vote.

Poll watchers may be there on behalf of:

  • Candidates who are on the ballot
  • Political parties and organizations
  • Groups that support or oppose a question on the ballot

Note: Groups that support or oppose questions on the ballot are not allowed to watch the polls at Primary or General elections.

The following people cannot be poll watchers:

  • A candidate who is on the ballot
  • Anyone currently in office if that office is on the ballot
  • Precinct Election Officials if they are already acting as a Precinct Election Official

Visit the Secretary of State's website for resources for watching the polls:

Election Night Results

Our office collects results from all precincts on Election Night after the polls close. We will provide a link to the reports on election night to any candidate or committee who wants the link (if available).

Contact our office before Election Day if you want a link to the results on election night.