Our Logo and Brand

Linn County developed its brand and logo system in an effort to create greater consistency among County departments and committees and to better serve its customers.

The Logo

Linn County's brand system includes a fresh logo that is bold and modernized. The multicolored logo signifies Linn County's diversity in livelihoods including farms, businesses (large and small), agribusiness, education, and nonprofit organizations.

Each color represents an important sector of Linn County: 

  • Green represents the land
  • Blue for water resources
  • Orange for quality of life
  • Red for the excitement and energy you naturally sense or feel in Linn County. 

The letters are stacked to mirror the actual shape of Linn County on a map. The leaf is a symbol of growth and vitality. The leaf breaks through the visual line of the letters, providing upward visual direction.

Linn County Logo

The Goal of Rebranding

The goal of the new brand and logo system is to unify Linn County departments and committees and better serve Linn County customers. Prior to the new brand, more than 15 logos/images were used to identify Linn County and its services. This inconsistency was visually distracting and confusing to customers. The new brand is an extension of Linn County's Customer-Centered Culture and Countywide efforts to increase customer satisfaction. Creating consistency across County departments and services through a unified Linn County brand helps Linn County customers more easily identify official Linn County products, programs, and services and easily differentiate between official County programs and services and the organizations that operate separately from the County. 

Departments Countywide have spent the past few years working to identify their customers, products, and ways to improve products to enhance customer satisfaction. A long list of products have been identified, and among them are some common communication tools we all use to reach customers, including emails, presentations, newsletters, and more. Linn County's brand style guide will bring consistency to these types of products by providing standards. This will allow the many different departments that make up Linn County to come together as a unified whole before the customers we serve and make it easier for customers to identify Linn County services. Uniformity instills confidence, displays professionalism, and ensures the integrity of our brand.

Requesting Use of Logo

To protect the integrity of Linn County's logo and brand, the County has implemented a new process for third party use of Linn County's logo.

The Linn County logo can only be provided for use to a person, agency, or group who is working on a joint County or County-funded program or project with an authorized Linn County employee.

Submit a Logo Usage Request Form.

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