County Resolutions

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2023-1-1 Resolving the Official County Newspaper Designation 01/03/23
2023-1-2 Authorizing the Destruction of Records 01/03/23
2023-1-3 Authorizing the Issuance of Warrants When Board Not in Session 01/03/23
2023-1-4 Resolving to Fix the 1-1-2022 Utility Valuations Payable 2023-2024 01/18/23
2023-1-5 Resolving the Construction Evaluation  01/25/23
2023-1-6 Authorizing bridge replacement on Coggon Rd over Walton Creek 01/25/23
2023-1-7 Approving Bridge deck Overlay on Boy Scouts Rd over Wapsipinicon River 01/25/23
2023-1-9 Authorizing Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert- Twin on Waubeek Rd over tributary of Wapsipinicon River 01/25/23
2023-1-10 Approving Portland Cement Concrete Overlay on Walker Rd from Betty's Grove Rd to Troy Mills Rd 01/25/23
2023-2-11 Providing Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Plans and Specifications for Secondary Roads District 1 Shop Building-Phase 2 Project 02/01/23
2023-2-12 Establishing Surface Treatment Costs 02/08/23
2023-2-13 Accepting Work Covering the Priority 3 Linn County Facilities Derecho Repairs Project 02/08/23
2023-2-14 Approving Compensation for Attorneys Appointed by the District Court 02/15/23
2023-2-15 Establishing Stop Regulations 02/15/23
2023-2-16 Approving Final Plat Eagle Trace Second Addition  02/16/23
2023-2-17 Approving Final Plat Hazelwood Farm First Addition  02/17/23
2023-2-18 Approving Amendment to Terms of Loan Agreement Changing from a Libor Index to a Secured Overnight Financing for Setting the Variable Interest Rate 02/15/23
2023-2-19 Providing Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Plans for Treasurers Office Glazing and Millwork Project 02/20/23
2023-2-20 Approving a Final Plat Benson's First Subdivision 02/20/23
2023-2-21 Granting Final Approval Confirming Plans, Contract and Estimated Total Cost for Linn County Secondary Road District 1 Shop Building- Phase 2 Project 02/27/23
2023-3-22 Approving a Final Plat of Kellogg Acres 03/01/23
2023-3-23 Approving a Land Preservation Parcel Split of Rose Farmstead Second Addition  03/01/23
2023-3-24 Approving a Final Plat of Rose Farmstead First Addition 03/01/23
2023-3-25 Authorizing Bridge Replacement on N Center Point Road over East Otter Creek 03/01/23
2023-3-26 Declaring Surplus County Property and Authorizing Its Disposal 03/01/23
2023-3-27 Amended Resolution Fixing the 1/1/2022 Utility Valuations Payable 2023-2024 03/08/23
2023-3-28 Approving a Final Plat Vernon Valley Tenth Addition  03/08/23
2023-3-29 Resolution Accepting Bid from LL Pelling Inc. Patching and Leveling Various Location throughout Linn County 03/08/23
2023-3-30 Resolution Accepting Bid from LL Pelling Inc. Paving from Hwy 151 to PCC section near Edgewood Road 03/08/23
2023-3-31 Approving Preliminary Plat of Dows Farm Agri-Community Addition  03/08/23
2023-3-32 Establish Speed Limit Fernow Road and Alburnett Road 03/08/23
2023-3-33 Establishing General Rules for Linn County Iowa General Assistance Program 03/08/23
2023-3-34 Resolving to Fix Township Compensation Effective 01-01-2023 03/08/23
2023-3-35 Linn County and City of Center Point Agreement for Rental Housing and Property Maintenance Inspections 03/14/23
2023-3-36 Approving Property Use Request for Purpose of Holding Wellness Recovery and Action Plan Training 03/14/23
2023-3-37 Granting Final Approval of Plans and Specifications for Linn County Treasurer's Office Glazing and Millwork Project 03/20/23
2023-3-38 Accepting bid from Advanced Traffic Control, Inc. 03/22/23
2023-3-39 Approving Residential Parcel Split of Pearson Family Addition  03/22/23
2023-3-40 Adopting Required Policies for CDBG Funding  03/22/23
2023-3-41 Adopting a Policy Prohibiting the Use of Excessive Force for the Community Development Block Grant Program 03/22/23
2023-3-42 Awarding Contract for Linn County Treasurers Office Glazing and Millwork Project 03/22/23
2023-3-43 Awarding Contract for Linn County Secondary Roads District 1 Shop Building-Phase 2 Project 03/27/23