Early Childhood Iowa

Through Early Childhood Iowa (ECI), every community in Iowa will develop the capacity and commitment for using local, informed decision making to achieve the following set of desired results for young children (prenatal through age 5) and their families:

Linn County Early Childhood Iowa Logo

  • Healthy Children
  • Children Ready to Succeed in School
  • Safe and Supportive Communities
  • Secure and Nurturing Families
  • Secure and Nurturing Child Care Environments


In 1998, Linn County was one of the first three areas in the state to be designated as an ECI area, which was established by Iowa Code Chapter 2561. This designation provides the local ECI Board with access to annual state allocation to fund local, quality early childhood services. The volunteer-led Board awards those funds on a competitive basis according to priorities identified in their Early Childhood Community Plan and via collaborative system building efforts.

All Linn County ECI Board and Committee meetings are open to the public. The ECI Board's vision is that every child will have access to high quality services empowering them to be healthy and successful.


Annual Report: Each September the Linn County ECI Board submits a report on their prior FY expenditures and program performance measures to the State of Iowa's Early Childhood Iowa Office.

Needs Assessment and Community Plan: The Linn County Early Childhood Needs Assessment and Plan is provided to the community to help guide local efforts that ensure children and families are healthy and successful.