Requesting Assistance

Rent, Mortgage Interest or Utility Assistance

All new applicants (not current “ongoing” clients) must contact Waypoint Services at 319-365-1458 or 319-366-7999 to assess eligibility for all rent and utility assistance sources that are now available in the community as a result of COVID-19. Waypoint is acting as the centralized intake for rent and utility assistance throughout the community. 

Once all other community funding sources are exhausted, these are the next steps:

  • Applicant must provide documentation to General Assistance that they have exhausted all other community funding sources. This documentation is likely to be a letter from Waypoint stating the applicant is ineligible for CARES, City, and IFA funds. Provide this documentation by mail, email, or place in the drop box outside the Community Services Building (1240 26th Ave Court SW). Be sure to include contact information.
  • After receiving this documentation, General Assistance staff will contact the applicant to complete a screening over the phone. 
  • If it is determined after the screening process that a household is eligible for assistance, General Assistance staff will provide the applicant with an application packet by email (or mail if the household prefers). 
  • The applying household will need to return the application packet and all other required materials to Linn County General Assistance to be assigned an appointment time. The application packet and material can be returned by email, mail, or placed in the drop box outside the Community Services Building. All appointments will take place by phone.
  • If, after review of materials, the Income Maintenance Worker deems the household eligible, assistance will be administered during the appointment. 
  • Vouchers for rent assistance will be sent directly to landlords and/or property management companies.
  • Vouchers for utility assistance will be sent directly to utility companies.
  • Vouchers for bus passes will be mailed to the applying household’s home address.

County General Assistance provides temporary assistance to low income Linn County residents who are ineligible for or awaiting approval from federal or state assistance programs according to Linn County Ordinance.


Contact General Assistance with questions by calling 319-892-5850 or by email