Unpaid Court Debt Payment Plans

The Sheriff’s Office assist individuals with payment plans for their past due court debt to enable them obtain a valid driver’s license, to register a vehicle, stop a potential wage garnishment, or simply reduce the amount owed. The program is set up to maximize the potential for an individual to successfully eliminate their court debt. If necessary, this division also uses wage garnishments to collect past due court debt.

To be considered for a payment plan, you will need the following:

  • Information Sheet (PDF)
  • Two most recent pay stubs or verification of any earnings
  • Valid form of state issued identification card

Once the above required documentation is available, it can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office Finance Division (310 2nd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA), emailed to the Finance Division, mailed to the address provided on the affidavit, or faxed to 319-892-6241. Once received, you will be contacted within four working days to discuss the down payment and monthly payment.

Once the down payment is possible, the individual needs to contact us at 319-892-6232 to finalize the plan. The person entering into the payment plan needs to sign the agreement in person at the Sheriff’s Office. If you are located out of county or state, please advise staff members. Once an agreement is signed, the Treasurer’s Office (Motor Vehicle Division) will be contacted to release the hold on your registration, if applicable. Monthly payments can be made online, automatic debit/credit, in person at the Sheriff’s Office or through wage assignment (employer withholds funds from paycheck). We accept cash, money order, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Cards. Monthly payments are required. If three monthly payments are missed, the plan will be moved to inactivate status and other remedies to collect the past due court debt will be considered.

Once on a payment plan, any over-payment or state income tax offset will not carry forward to future month’s payments. These payments will simply pay off the court debt quicker. If you need to pay early, please contact the Finance Division prior to making the payment at 319-892-6232.

***NOTE: You will need to contact the Finance Division at 319-892-6232 annually before attempting to renew your registration at the Treasurer’s Office (Motor Vehicle Division). The registration release will only be granted if your payment plan is current. Any missed payments need to be paid in full before renewal of registration will occur. This release is only valid for five business days at Treasurer’s Office (Motor Vehicle Division).

Any individual can access Iowa Courts to view public charges and the amount due for past court debt. The Sheriff’s Office collects court debt as a service to provide individuals an opportunity to pay their past due court fines while obtaining their driver’s license or renewing their vehicle registration. This is beneficial for the individual and also reduces the burden on taxpayers.