Family Services


Peer Group

Linn County Peer Group Program is free for Linn County children enrolled in the Cedar Rapids School System. This program provides quality programming to youth with low self-esteem and inadequate social interaction skills through the use of social/recreational activities and positive peer group identification. Attendance has shown to improve communication skills, social skills, life skills and build solid friendships.

Program Details:

  • Activities include physical, arts and crafts, board games and community outings.
  • Eligible participants are girls and boys ages 8 - 18
  • Typically referred by a Cedar Rapids School Counselor

To find out more information contact the Lead Counselor at 319-892-5730.

Reaching Families

The Reaching Families Program serves Linn County parents for whom their mental health and substance abuse issues have been a barrier to effectively parenting their children. These individuals may also be homeless or on the verge of homelessness with limited access to services. Connecting this service with other child and family services in the community helps ensure that young children and their parents have the comprehensive support they need.

To find out more information or to access services, contact the Social Worker at 319-892-5725.

School to Home

School to Home provides a link between the child's school and home by supporting the educational goals and the family's goals. Behavioral skills and parenting skills are taught in the home.

Referrals to the program are made by the child's school, parent or therapist. This program is designed for elementary and middle school students within the Cedar Rapids Community School District.

To find out more information or to access services, contact the Social Worker at 319-892-5727.

Wraparound (Children's Mental Health Fund)

Wraparound is a unique Linn County program that provides funding for needs that other programs do not cover such as clinical appointments, therapeutic programs and medications. This is a free program for Linn County children under the age of 21 who have needs related to a mental health diagnosis.

To find out more information or to access services, contact the Wraparound Coordinator at 319-892-5726.