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Jan 28

Linn County Connects Rural Residents to Libraries

Posted on January 28, 2021 at 4:04 PM by Britt Nielsen

Library Appropriations Blog

Each year, the Linn County Board of Supervisors provides appropriations to local libraries to help ensure all County residents have access to library materials and resources. These appropriations are given to city libraries, since Linn County does not operate its own library. This funding reflects Linn County's strategic goal of enhancing quality of life for residents through improving accessibility for public programs.

As a condition of receiving County funding, each library agrees to provide the same library services, at no charge, to rural Linn County residents as it does for its city residents. Each city library also agrees it will not use the library funding received from Linn County to reduce city library funding.

The Board of Supervisors determines the total annual library budget, and a formula that takes into account each library's city funding, rural circulation, and hours of operation determines each library's annual appropriation. Each of the 11 city libraries in Linn County receives an appropriation. The total FY21 library appropriation is $465,000.

 Library  FY21 Linn County Appropriation
 Cedar Rapids  $84,054.11
 Center Point  $70,495.00
 Central City  $18,699.00
 Coggon  $12,746.00
 Ely  $38,452.14
 Fairfax  $28,756.78
 Hiawatha  $63,627.64
 Lisbon  $22,739.94
 Marion  $70,555.81
 Mount Vernon  $31,026.65
 Springville  $23,877.93