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Apr 29

Linn County Supervisor Urges Residents, People of Color to Get Vaccinated

Posted on April 29, 2021 at 5:03 PM by Joi Alexander

Stacey Walker receives vaccine dose

Right now, all individuals in Linn County age 16 and older are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine supply has increased significantly, and anyone who wants a vaccine should get it now.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is an important tool in ending the pandemic.  Part of returning life to normal means Linn County, and the nation, needs to reach herd immunity, which is approximately 70 to 80 percent of the eligible population vaccinated. At this time, the eligible population includes individuals age 16 and older. Until that level is reached, mitigation measures such as wearing a face mask, social distancing, and washing hands remain incredibly important.

Demand for vaccine in Linn County is starting to wane, so Linn County Supervisor Chair Stacey Walker is encouraging all of those yet to receive vaccine to make plans to do so today.

“In Linn County approximately 15 -percent of African Americans have received their vaccine, statewide people of color have received less than 5 percent of all vaccines given and African Americans have received just over 1 percent. There are many historical reasons as to why people of color may be hesitant to trust the medical profession, so I wanted to get my vaccine live on video to show that it is safe and to show that it is our civic duty to get vaccinated, so we can hasten the end of this pandemic,” said Supervisor Walker.

Some people still have questions about COVID-19 vaccines, including its safety and effectiveness. If you have questions, please contact your healthcare provider or call the Linn County COVID-19 call center at 319-892-6097. All COVID-19 vaccines effectively prevent moderate cases of the infection and are extremely effective at preventing the severe disease that can lead to hospitalization and death. Mild side effects may occur, and are a sign your body is building immunity. Serious side effects are very rare.

Watch Supervisor Walker get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Information on where to make an appointment with a Linn County vaccine provider or walk-in availability can be found at