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Jul 19

Linn County Provides Multiple Internship Opportunities for Students

Posted on July 19, 2021 at 11:27 AM by Britt Nielsen

2021 Roads intern Gus

Each year, Linn County offers a multitude of internship opportunities for students within many different departments. The students work to gain insight into what it’s like working for a local government and to see if it could be a potential career for them after graduation.

After not being able to host interns in 2020, Linn County is excited to this year welcome interns back to the Linn County Attorney’s Office, Communications Department, Engineering & Secondary Roads, and Human Resources. Secondary Roads leads the County with five total interns – two college students and three high school students. 

The high school interns for Secondary Roads, Austin, Gus, and Dylan, are a new addition to the intern program. They came to the County through the Workplace Learning Connection (WLC) through Kirkwood Community College. The WLC program is designed to connect students to job shadow opportunities in their community to help them gain real world experience in fields they may choose to pursue after graduation. Austin and Gus are currently shadowing staff on the engineering side of the department and Dylan is shadowing staff on the maintenance side. 

This summer, there are two college interns working with the Secondary Road Department. Nathan is a student at Iowa State University majoring in Electrical Engineering and Mason is a student at the University of Iowa majoring in Civil Engineering. Both interns are spending the summer working with the Survey Team whose primary activities include conducting a topographical survey and assisting our full time Engineering Technicians on project inspections. Additional projects include concrete paving, asphalt patching, and a grading project.

2021 Secondary Roads Interns

“Interning for the Linn County Secondary Road Department has given us the opportunity to work on various projects and gain valuable hands on experience that you can’t learn in the classroom,” said interns Nathan and Mason.

The Linn County Attorney’s Office has two interns joining them this summer. Their first intern, David, is a student at the University of Iowa Law School and is currently researching for and preparing to argue motions to suppress, representing the State in Linn County’s mental health committal hearings, and managing the simple misdemeanor docket on Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays. Their second intern, Keely, is a high school student and came to the Attorney’s Office through Kirkwood’s Workplace Learning Connection. She is currently learning about all aspects of the County Attorney’s Office including assisting the Civil Office, assisting with the discovery process, testing the new victim witness procedures manual, and observing preparations for a murder trial.

Another high school student, Ashley, is interning with the Communications Department through Kirkwood’s Workplace Learning Connection. She is working on a variety of projects including updating County-branded fact sheets and brochures, writing FAQs for Linn County’s website, and working on a pilot video project.

Human Resources also has a college-age intern. Beza is a student at Iowa State University pursuing a degree in business management and human resources. She is assisting with a variety of duties including training coordination, assisting with the implementation of various software applications and general office organization.

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