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Nov 12

Sustainability is Composting: Pumpkin Smash Event

Posted on November 12, 2021 at 3:10 PM by Britt Nielsen

Smashed pumpkins on a tarp

Linn County Sustainability is currently hosting two GreenIowa Americorps members who are helping spread sustainability messages and practices throughout Linn County communities. One of the ways they are reaching out to residents is through educational events. GreenIowa Americorps Member Emma Castiblanco wrote the guest blog post below about their recent composting and pumpkin smash event.

GreenIowa Americorps Member Emma Castiblanco

Earlier this month, Linn County Sustainability held its first Pumpkin Smash with community partner, Ely Public Library. The event consisted of an educational component, teaching kids and their parents about composting, its benefits, how their food becomes soil, and where they can get compost in their community (Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency), as well as the main event: pumpkin smashing. 

In addition to the pumpkins provided by the Ely Library from the town’s pumpkin float event, participants brought their own jack-o-lanterns. Participants threw, stomped, and crushed the pumpkins, filling up four buckets, two tarps, and two bags full of orangey goo. 

Green Iowa AmeriCorps members, Emma and Michael, then brought the smashed pumpkins to the Food Scrap collection site in Cedar Rapids located at the bottom of Mount Trashmore. The pumpkins are now able to start their journey becoming soil, having avoided joining the waste at the landfill. 

This event was a fun way for young people and their parents to start thinking about why composting is important and how composting can prevent food scraps from creating harmful greenhouse gases like methane. 

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