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May 16

Linn County Planning & Development Helps to Build Resilient Communities

Posted on May 16, 2023 at 2:30 PM by Britt Nielsen

A building inspector looking at a building

Building safety professionals are the silent defenders of public safety. Linn County’s Planning & Development code officials and permit specialists protect our community through their commitment to building safety. May is Building Safety Month and is the perfect time to take a closer look at the important work of building safety professionals.

In 2021, several area task forces identified rental and property maintenance inspections as a key missing factor in improving housing quality. To help fill this gap, in 2022, Linn County Planning & Development staff began providing those services to cities in Linn County through 28E Agreements. Linn County currently provides property maintenance services to Mount Vernon and property maintenance and rental inspections to Alburnett, Center Point, and Lisbon. 

Providing these services helps all residents, not just homeowners, to feel safe in their house and know it meets the requirements for a reasonable level of health safety, property protection, and general welfare. Inspectors check many things when evaluating buildings for code compliance including ensuring electrical components are maintained in a safe usable condition, ensuring the smoke detectors are functioning properly and installed in the proper locations, and making sure there is at least one openable window in each room to allow for proper ventilation. The County's goal is to provide similar services to other 28E cities to further assist with improving housing quality for residents.

In addition to providing code administration and inspection services, two of Linn County’s building division staff members have earned the Master Code Professional Certification from the International Code Council. This is the highest level of certification and earning this certification takes years of studying and work. There are only 900 people in the world who have earned this certification, and two of them are here in Linn County working to keep us safe.

Learn about building codes, inspections, and more on the Linn County Planning & Development website.