What is the Linn County Special Needs Registry?
The Special Needs Registry is maintained by the Linn County Emergency Management Agency. Linn County Residents who have a disability or special need and would require help to evacuate in an emergency, can enroll on the Linn County Special Needs Registry. You may also enroll those you care about who could benefit from the registry if they are Linn County Residents.

What Kind of Help Would You Possibly Need?

§ Visually Impaired: I may need to be led to safety.
§ Hearing Impaired: I may need TDD or other special emergency warning notification.
§ Mobility Impaired: I may need special transportation to evacuate, like an ambulance or handicapped accessible bus.
§ Mental Health Conditions: I may need help with supportive services because I may have a significant issue coping during an emergency due to my mental health concerns.
§ Intellectual Disabilities: I may need a family member or someone assigned to me in a shelter.
§ Medical Conditions: I need electricity for medical equipment.

3 Ways to Register

1. Call United Way 2-1-1 by dialing 2-1-1 or 1-866-469-2211
2. Complete and return a Special Needs Registry Card, which was delivered with your Yellow Book Telephone Directory
3. Go to www.linncounty-ema.org and complete the Special Needs Card online.

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1. What is the Linn County Special Needs Registry?
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