What type of dust control is available?
Chloride, MC-70 and Seal Coat are your dust control options. Please contact our office at 319-892-6400 for more information.

May be applied 2 times/year
Sprayed in liquid form
Normal maintenance to road by county maintainer after applied
Works by drawing water from the air, thus maintaining some effectiveness in dry weather.
Water soluble

MC-70 (oil)
Single application
Sprayed on rock surface
Light layer of sand applied to allow traffic to use road immediately and blot excess oil
May last multiple years if maintained well by owner. Factors affecting performance are traffic, weather, owner care and base stability.
Patching is the responsibility of the owner and must be done through the permit process which allows access to patch material at our shop locations at no additional cost

Seal Coat
Asphalt slurry and rock chips placed on a prepared base and then rolled
Care of seal coat is responsibility of permit holder.
Average life 2-6 years if properly cared for and placed over a solid base and multiple applications
Patching needs to be done through the permit process which allows access to patch material at shops

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1. What type of dust control is available?
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