If the oil on my road is still good, can I keep it?
Yes. If you would like someone from the Engineering and Secondary Road Department to check it, you need a $50.00 non-refundable retain permit from our office. Then, the foreman will look at the road. If the oil is savable, the permit will allow you to obtain patch material at a County shop. If the oil is not in good shape, we will contact you so you can sign up for new oil. Permit to Retain

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1. What type of dust control is available?
2. When is the sign-up period for dust control?
3. If the oil on my road is still good, can I keep it?
4. Is the retain permit refundable if my oil or seal coat can not be retained?
5. I rent a house on a county road and would like to put dust control down. Can I put dust control down even if I don't own the property?
6. I want to put dust control in front of my property but it will also be in front of a neighbor's house. Can I do that?
7. Will my dust control still be effective after they blade the road?
8. Does the County fill gaps between dust control areas?