Can I put in a second driveway?
You can have a second driveway if your property is larger than 1 acre, there are no potential safety or drainage problems, there is a physical reason that the first drive can not be used for the purpose of the 2nd drive and if you are not in a subdivision with single access restriction. You will need to obtain an entrance permit from the Engineer’s Office at 1888 County Home Road in Marion. The entrance permit costs $50 and is non-refundable. We will need to know the top surface width of the driveway where it crosses the right of way. Residential driveways can be 16’ – 24’ wide and Commercial driveways can be 16’ – 30’ wide. A technician will go to the property and check sight distance, drainage and ditch depth. They will note on the permit the width and length of culvert needed or that a dry fill is acceptable. The County does not supply the materials or install the culvert. The property owner is responsible for installing the culvert.

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