Who is eligible for a county Historic Preservation grant?
The Linn County Historic Preservation grant application is available online each spring for Linn County non-profit organizations. You must show proof of non-profit status, such as articles of incorporation or an IRS opinion letter establishing tax-exempt status.

Due to legal restrictions, Iowa Code Section 331.901(5), organizations under ecclesiastical or sectarian management are not eligible for Linn County grant funds.

Eligible activities include: projects designed for the purpose of collecting and preserving historical materials, artifacts, places, or structures; maintaining a historical library or collection; conducting historical studies or research; issuing publications; providing public lectures of historical interest; or otherwise disseminating a knowledge of the history of the area to the general public. Grant proceeds may not be used for the purchase of physical structures, e.g., buildings.

Contact Joi Alexander, communications director, or call 319-892-5118, for more information.

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