What permits are required to build a house in Linn County?

Separate building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits are required. Application for a building permit includes the submittal of electronic .pdf construction drawings. In order to determine a valuation and permit fee, please include the area in square feet for: each floor, finished basement, unfinished basement, garage, decks and porches. Plans are thoroughly reviewed by an inspector for code compliance before issuance of the building permit. Electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits must be obtained and work performed by contractors licensed (Master A) in the respective trade. Further information can be found on our webpage or this handout. Before the above permits can be issued, the Planning & Zoning Division must verify that all zoning requirements are met and must also approve a site plan. Planning and Development staff can assist in creating your site plan, but you will need to be able to provide the location of the proposed structure, distances from lot lines and well and septic drainage field locations. You can apply online or contact the Linn County Planning and Development at 319-892-5130 for alternate means of application. For information on well and septic system permits, contact the Public Health Department , 319-892-6000.  For information on a driveway/entrance permit and addressing permit, contact the Linn County Engineer , 319-892-6400.

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6. What permits are required to build a house in Linn County?
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