Are matching funds required?
Matching funds are not required, but you should show the full cost of your project and other sources of funds.

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1. What is the Witwer Trust Grant Program?
2. How do I submit a grant application?
3. What is the deadline?
4. I forgot my password. What should I do?
5. Where is the Assurances form?
6. What is the review process and timeline?
7. How much funding is available?
8. Are matching funds required?
9. Who is eligible for Witwer Trust grants?
10. What types of projects are eligible for grant funds?
11. How do I create an account?
12. May I submit more than one proposal?
13. May I submit more than one project in one proposal?
14. Can I apply to the Witwer Trust if I received grant funding from the Linn County Historic Preservation Grant Program for the same project?
15. What is the Linn County Historic Preservation Grant Program?
16. Can my organization apply for a Witwer Trust grant AND serve as a fiscal sponsor for a different organization?
17. I received an account locked notice. What should I do?
18. Can I use a fiscal sponsor?