How do I transfer a title?

If you purchased a vehicle, you will bring in the title, along with the supporting documents (see below) to transfer. If you are an Iowa resident and are selling a vehicle, you must have an Iowa title. If you have an out of state title, you will need to pay $25.00 to obtain the Iowa title. Seller(s) must sign and print their name of the back of the title. If the word “and” is used on the face of the title, all owners must sign. The date of sale must be entered. If the vehicle is 9 years old or newer, the seller must complete the odometer section and legend box on the title . If the vehicle is 7 years old or newer, the seller must complete the odometer and the damage disclosure section. Any alterations, erasures or cross-outs may void the title and a replacement may be required. If purchased from a dealer, a purchase agreement is required. You can also refer to the “How to Sell your Vehicle in Iowa “guide by Iowa DOT. Many situations would require more information. Call your Linn County Treasurer’s Office at 319-892-5500 for assistance. Every transfer requires an Application for Title and must be signed by all buyers. Please refer to the forms section for the application for title. 

Back of Title Example

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