How does the Assessor determine Market Value?
  • We use Mass Appraisal to determine your value
  • We must be at or near market value and have similar properties of a class be equitable
  • Our office begins with gathering data on the characteristics of your property
  • This is done through an appraiser inspecting your property
  • We use the state mandated Iowa Real Property Appraisal Manual to determine the replacement cost new of your building (Cost Approach to Value)
  • The replacement cost new is what a property would be worth if it was newly constructed
  • The market (sales of other properties) is studied to determine if the property or area needs an adjustment. 
  • This is done by using statistical measures specific to that area
  • Our approach to value is the Cost Approach adjusted to the Market
  • We do not typically use the Income Approach to value, due to difficulty in getting income data from property owners
  • Iowa Code Chapter 441.21

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