How do I become eligible to ride LIFTS?

For persons within the Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha metro areas, Linn County LIFTS is a complimentary paratransit service. This means it is for persons who are unable to ride the public transit system because of a mental or physical disability. To be qualified, you must complete and submit an ADA Paratransit Application. Your application will be processed and a determination will be made as soon as possible.

LIFTS also provides accessible door-to-door public transportation services for senior citizens, people with disabilities and the general public throughout non-metropolitan areas of Linn County. For this service no qualification process is required. Please note – Persons in rural Linn County requesting rides should give as much as a week’s lead time to get their rides scheduled. Call 319-892-5170 if you have questions.  

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1. How do I become eligible to ride LIFTS?
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