Is my voter registration record information considered public information?

Yes. However, your record can only be viewed or obtained by others for specific purposes outlined below. Voter registration records are public records as defined by Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa. The records must be available for public inspection at reasonable times (§48A.34). Iowa law does not allow for a voter's registration record to be made private. Iowa law allows for the purchase of voter registration lists (See Iowa Code section 48A.38.) Requests can be made at our office. Both the Secretary of State's Office and county auditors are required to maintain a log containing the name, address, and telephone number of every person who receives voter registration information. A voter's Social Security number, driver's license number, non-operator ID number, and the name of an individual agency where a voter registration form was completed are confidential information and are never given to anyone requesting voter lists. Using the information for any commercial purpose is a serious misdemeanor under Iowa law.

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