Why did the County buy this land?

The north 306 acres is adjacent to the county-owned Wanatee Park and the City of Cedar Rapids' Gardner Municipal Golf Course. Because of its strategic location adjacent to existing park and recreation facilities, this was the County’s priority for acquisition. The intended long-term use of the 306-acre area is for conservation and related uses.

The south 179 acres, bordered by Mt. Vernon Road on the south, Dows Road on the west, and the Squaw Creek Ridge residential development on the northeast, was included with the purchase and is the project area for the Dows Farm Agri-Community.

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1. What is an Agri-Community?
2. Why did the County buy this land?
3. How much of the site will be protected?
4. Could this property be developed if the County wasn't creating an agri-community?
5. How does the density of the Dows Farm Agri-Community compare to the density if the property is developed as a conventional subdivision?
6. Has a traffic study been completed for this project?
7. Will the County act as the developer?
8. How long will it take for the Dows Farm Agri-Community to be completed?
9. Whom should I contact if I have questions or would like to learn more?