How much of the site will be protected?

The Dows Farm Agri-Community keeps 75% of the site in conservation open space or agriculture, with only 25% of the site allocated to development of a mix of housing types and a carefully integrated commercial area. Based on feedback from the Phase One Concept Plan, the Phase Two Plan shows a reduction of 100 total dwelling units (from 351 to 251), mostly through a reduction in the number of center hall apartment units.

A maximum of 251 total residential units (1.4 units/acre overall density):

Proposed Residential TypeRange of Units
Large Lot Single-Family30-40
Standard Lot Single-Family35-50
Compact Lot Single-Family20-40
"Cloister" Single-Family5-10
Cottage/Carriage Home15-50

There will also be approximately 40,700 gross square feet of commercial space.

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1. What is an Agri-Community?
2. Why did the County buy this land?
3. How much of the site will be protected?
4. Could this property be developed if the County wasn't creating an agri-community?
5. How does the density of the Dows Farm Agri-Community compare to the density if the property is developed as a conventional subdivision?
6. Has a traffic study been completed for this project?
7. Will the County act as the developer?
8. How long will it take for the Dows Farm Agri-Community to be completed?
9. Whom should I contact if I have questions or would like to learn more?