What is it like to use the Mental Health Access Center?

Each patient that comes into our doors will first be seen by a member of Foundation 2's crisis team. This staff member will take basic vitals to make sure no physical medical conditions are present. After vitals, staff will discuss the reason for your visit as well as work through screening tools that help the staff better understand your needs and work towards a successful discharge. These screenings consist of suicide screening, brain injury screening, and basic mental health and substance use disorder screening. Once this process is complete, we will work with you to determine the best level of care. This could be continued work with Foundation 2 or a warm hand off to our other three providers in the building: Abbe Community Health, Penn Center, or Area Substance Abuse Council.     

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1. How can people access / use the Access Center?
2. Who can use the Access Center?
3. What are the hours of the Mental Health Access Center?
4. Where is the Mental Health Access Center located?
5. How do I pay for services?
6. What is it like to use the Mental Health Access Center?
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11. Why do you take vitals during triage?
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