Can I leave on my own?

Yes. Services at the Linn County Mental Health Access Center are 100 percent voluntary. It is not a locked facility and no services will be provided against the will of our patients.

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1. How can people access / use the Access Center?
2. Who can use the Access Center?
3. What are the hours of the Mental Health Access Center?
4. Where is the Mental Health Access Center located?
5. How do I pay for services?
6. What is it like to use the Mental Health Access Center?
7. Will anyone know if I received services?
8. Will you help me with other resources I need?
9. Can I leave on my own?
10. Is there a limit to the number of times I can come?
11. Why do you take vitals during triage?
12. Can my family or friends visit?
13. What COVID-19 protocols are in place?