How do I make a reservation to ride LIFTS?

To make a reservation to ride LIFTS, call 319-892-5170, dispatch will be connected. Please call between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance.

LIFTS will not accept reservations in the form of a phone message, but you can leave us a message to call you back and make a reservation. Individuals should schedule rides at least one day prior to but no more than thirty days in advance of the day they need a ride. LIFTS will provide same-day service if space is available.  

Be prepared to provide the following information when speaking with our staff:

  • Any special loading instructions, such as use alley, side door, call ahead, etc.
  • Appointment time (if any), or requested time for pick up
  • Date riding
  • Description of special needs, such as using a wheel chair, type of wheel chair (electric, extra wide, etc.) oxygen tank, service animal, escort, etc.
  • Doctor’s name and phone number (if any)
  • Drop off address
  • Name and contact number of the person requesting the reservation
  • Pick up address (include apartment or suite number)
  • Your name (rider's name if calling in for someone)

LIFTS staff will then negotiate a pickup time within a two hour window (one hour each way) of your initially requested time. Once a time has been negotiated the bus may arrive 15 minutes before or after this time based on delays or cancellations that occur.

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