How do I get a campsite at Linn County Conservation campgrounds?

Most all sites are first-come, first serve. 

This includes Wanatee Park Campground’s B Loop, Morgan Creek Park Campground, Pinicon Ridge’s Plains and Flying Squirrel Campgrounds, and Buffalo Creek Campground. Estimated availability of first-come first-serve areas may be found here: First-come First-Serve Campground Availability

There are 24 reservable campsites are in Wanatee Park’s A Loop. All but sites 14, 15, 17,  and 19 have sewer hookup. Reservations must be made online more than 4 days in advance and can be reserved up to 1 year in advance. Once within the 4 days of the arrival date, reservations may not be booked and camping must be done on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations are only available online here: Facility/Camping Reservations If no sites appear for the dates you have searched, the reservable A Loop at Wanatee Park is full.

PAYMENT: Our Rules and Regulations for camping state you may only register for your own campsite and that a camping unit (tent, trailer, RV, etc.) MUST be on the site. Coolers, chairs, and vehicles do not count as camping units. Self-register at the kiosk by completing the yellow camping envelope, paying exact fees by cash or check, and dropping that in the fees tube. The tearaway receipt on the envelope flap should be placed on your campsite post. You may pay night by night, or for as many days as you want up to 14 days. You may stay in any one of our parks for 14 out of 21 days before you will required to move to one of our other fine parks. 

Our primitive areas at Wakpicada Natural Area, Matsell Bridge Natural Area, and Mt. Hope are also first-come, first serve and you may self-register onsite. 

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