What do I have to do to clean up a facility?

Please note the following when cleaning a facility you’ve reserved:

  • All directional signs must be placed on stakes/supports.  They cannot be attached to any park or highway signs/posts.
  • The entire floor should be swept - dirt or spills should be mopped up.
  • Wipe down all appliances, sinks, counters.
  • Make sure all items you brought in are removed from the facility (appliances, cupboards, draws, etc).
  • Place tables and chairs on cart and return to storage room.
  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Shut off ceiling fans.
  • Empty refuse containers from restrooms into bags; pick up all outside litter.  Park staff will remove 5 bags of trash. If additional bags are left, there a $2.00/bag charge that will be held from the deposit.
  • Shut doors to any fireplaces and let the fire burn itself out (do not use water on the fire).
  • Do not throw or use rice, confetti, or bird seed.
  • Please having building cleaned and vacated by the appropriate closing time.

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