What is considered for approval of a solar farm?

Requests to rezone property to an RE (Renewable Energy) overlay zoning district must meet all current rezoning standards for review in Article IV, Section 107-69 of the Unified Development Code, with some exceptions as noted below. These standards for review are evaluated by Linn County Planning & Development staff in a report that is generated prior to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The applicable rezoning standards for review are:

  1. The proposed development is not detrimental to existing agricultural uses; 
  2. The proposed development will not degrade significant environmental, ecological or natural resources;
  3. The proposed development achieves densities and uses in agricultural areas, critical natural resource areas, rural residential development areas and urban service areas as designated in the comprehensive plan; and
  4. The proposed development is consistent with the goals, objectives and strategies of the comprehensive plan.

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