What happens when the solar project is complete?

Most utility scale solar projects last for 25-30 years, which is the average lifespan of a solar panel.  At the end of a utility scale solar project in Linn County, the applicant will required to follow their approved decommissioning plan. All decommissioning plans must include details on:

  1. Recycling solar components.
  2. Restoring the surface grade a soil profile of the site to pre-construction condition.
  3. Removal of all structures including graveled areas and access roads.
  4. Re-vegetation of restored soil areas with crops, native seed mixes, native tree species, and plant species suitable to the area.
  5. A method for ensuring funds will be available for decommissioning activities.

The decommissioning plan will take effect at the end of the project or following a continuous one-year period with no electricity generation.  The project owner will have one year to complete all decommissioning activities.

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