What still needs to be completed?

Precinct plans have been approved by the Secretary of State’s Office.

County Supervisor Districts will be drawn by Legislative Services Agency and approved by the Temporary Redistricting Commission. The Board of Supervisors has the final approve of the supervisor districts.

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1. What date does redistricting take effect?
2. Why does redistricting happen?
3. What still needs to be completed?
4. Can I look up the new districts and precincts?
5. When will House District, Senate District, County Supervisor Districts, College Community Director Districts and School Director Districts be available?
6. When will the lookup tool be updated?
7. How are districts decided?
8. How are precinct boundaries drawn?
9. What happens if my district and/or precinct changes?
10. Will I get a new voter ID/confirmation card?
11. How many precincts are in the county?