What is a Military Exemption and how do I apply?
  • The Military Tax Exemption reduces the taxable value of property for military veterans.
  • The military service tax exemption is being increased to $4,000 in taxable value for assessment years on or after January 1, 2023. Veterans who are already receiving the military exemption do not need to take any action to receive the increase in the military exemption – the exemption amount will increase automatically. You will see the exemption amount increase on the property taxes that are payable in the fall of 2024 and spring of 2025.
  • Veterans who served in active duty and who were honorably discharged are eligible to receive a military exemption on their property taxes.
  • If you served in the military and were on active duty for 18 months you are eligible for a military exemption.
  • Former and current members of the Iowa National Guard and reserve forces need not have performed active duty if they served at least 20 years.
  • Your DD214 must be recorded in Linn County for us to apply this exemption.
  • Iowa Code Chapter 426A
  • The Military Tax Exemption application is available of the Iowa Department of Revenue website or you can apply in person at the Assessor's Office. Cedar Rapids residents should apply at the Cedar Rapids City Assessor's Office. Linn County residents who live outside the city limits of Cedar Rapids should apply at the Linn County Assessor's Office.

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