Where do I get a burn permit?

Linn County Public Health has recently moved the Open Burning application process to the Outdoor Air Quality webpage on our Linn County website.

Please find your parcel and apply here. (Chrome browser only)

  • Read the instructions then dismiss the instruction box.
  • Enter your address or full GPN number in the search box. Permitted burn areas are highlighted in green and provide a link to apply. Properties highlighted in red are not allowed to burn.
  • Fill out the application and read burn material definitions before choosing the correct burn material.
  • If an additional form is required, download the form, complete it and email to the link provided. Submit the application.
  • The request will be processed and you will be emailed a copy of the invoice. Please call 319-892-6000 for questions.
  • After you pay over the phone or by sending a check, you will receive a permit to your email or by USPS mail based on your preferences. A completed permit will also be saved to page 2 of this Open Burn Map.

Note: Permits are no longer issued until payment is received.

Where do I find my burn permit?

Permits can now be found on the Open Burning Map. Permits can be viewed by clicking on page 2 of the dialog box for any parcel. Questions? Please call 319-892-6000

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