What permits are required to build a house in Linn County?

Separate zoning, building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits are required. Application for a building permit includes the submittal of two sets of construction drawings. In order to determine a valuation and permit fee, please include the area in square feet for: each floor, finished basement, unfinished basement, garage, decks and porches. Plans are thoroughly reviewed by an inspector for code compliance before issuance of the building permit. electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits must be obtained and work performed by contractors licensed in the respective trade.  For further information view our Single Family Dwelling Handout. Before the above permits can be issued, the Planning & Zoning Division must verify that all zoning requirements are met and must also approve a site plan. You will need to provide staff with the locations of the well, septic drainage field and existing structures. You will also need to provide the location of the proposed improvement showing dimensions from property lines and from existing structures. Contact the Linn County Planning and Development Department for information on required submittals for constructing a new house or garage at 319-892-5130. Contact the Public Health Department at 319-892-6000 for information on well and septic system permits and the Linn County Engineer at 319-892-6400 for information on a driveway entrance permits and addressing permits.

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1. What permits are required to build a house in Linn County?
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